Hot Desking at Pod Off Grayston – A few good reasons why you should really consider it.

Hot desking is a very popular way for businesses starting up and it is the perfect solution to save money and be flexible from the start. When starting a new venture, it is always good to have solutions to reduce the budget spent on furniture such as desks, chairs, printers…this can sometimes make a real difference to whether the business will last its first year.

Hot Desking - flexible & affordable
And why not choose hot desking when working from home? It can be very lonely sometimes and meeting new people or people in the same situation can be very positive. Growing a business when working from home requires persistence and discipline. Breaking from a home environment, and being able to network can just be the push required to get to the next level.
With technology there is no need to store physical files since with services like Dropbox and Google Documents they are only a click away. With video conferencing services such as Skype and Zoom there less need for everyone to be in the same location.
Hot Desking solutions

Hot desking environments are very tidy and de-cluttered which in today’s busy world of emails, online news and text messaging can help free up one’s mind and can help de-stress a working day. Having less clutter in a working environment is also known to improve productivity. Schools holidays when you have children can create havoc in your work routine…So why not consider hot desking when you need to get away from home to catch up with work and find some peace and quiet, even for a couple of hours? You will be able to get on with your to-do list and go back home, available and ready to spend some quality time with your family.

Pod off Grayston offers flexible and affordable hot desking solutions so contact us today to book your spot at our trendy offices. We even have artisan coffee and treats on-site to get you through your day.