How to manage the return to work after lockdown

Lockdown and working from home has affected us all in different ways, and it’s only normal to feel a little unsure about the future. Many individuals may feel worried, confused, or apprehensive about going back to the office – there may be changes to your role or workplace as your company tries to comply with government recommendations. These adjustments will depend on your job, office space, and individual circumstances. However, there are still a few ways in which you can prepare yourself for coming back into the office.  

Rebuild relationships 

Although you may have been staying in touch with collogues over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet – it’s not the same as connecting face to face. We have all been affected by the lockdown in different ways, ask your collogues how they have been doing, and give them a quick update on how you have been. Rebuilding the friendships and synergies in the office are important to ensure a happy and productive work environment. 

Be prepared 

At home, you conveniently have everything you may need during the day right at your fingertips. When going back into the office make sure you are prepared with all the stuff you may need at the office that you wouldn’t think to pack while working from home such as your lunch, chargers, or cellphone. Also, think about the new regulations and protect yourself and others by wearing a face mask and carrying hand sanitiser with you

Talk to your line manager 

Coming back into the offices allows you to identify your work priorities and raise any concerns or questions you may have about your job. You have been presented an opportunity to start fresh, put your head down, and perform better than before. 

Some may be loving the working from home life while others may be beyond excited to get back into the hustle and bustle of the office. However, just keep in mind that everyone will adjust back to the ‘business as usual’ routine at their own pace.