Why a flexible work schedule is a good idea

The industrial revolution changed a lot of things about the way we live. With work, it led to a strict 9-5 in-office work schedule. With so much work going online, however, we’re starting to realise that the 9-5 might not be the best for everyone. Having more flexibility in work times can make it easier for employees to be productive. Here are some reasons why.

Energy = productivity

Now and then, we all have to do work when we’re a bit tired. Maybe a big project is due or a co-worker needs help with something. But working when exhausted shouldn’t be the norm. The 9-5 (or now more commonly, 8-6) traditional work schedule suggests that people should be productive in the morning. But what if you’re tired in the morning and wide awake at night? Some people have a burst of energy halfway through the day, or a lull instead. Trying to force yourself into the wrong routine means that you aren’t taking full advantage of your natural energy cycle. A flexible work schedule lets you rest when you’re tired, and grind when you’re fully charged. This means that the morning people and the night owls can both benefit. The result is more productivity.

Different Lifestyles

A rigid office schedule means that people have to fit their personal lives around their work. This makes every non-office minute a rush to get things done. The result is a more stressful work environment – and more stress means more mistakes. A flexible work schedule, however, lets employees plan their week more easily. Some people have to pick their kids up from school at 4pm, some people have to walk their dog at noon, maybe some employees are taking night classes at a local business school. Whatever the case, a flexible schedule means a healthier work-life balance. This doesn’t mean that they get to skip work and do whatever they want, however, the total hours per week will still be the same. 

The company saves money on resources

It makes sense, right? If everyone works at the same time, it means everyone is at the office at the same time. It also means that you have to rent an office full time. However, if people get to choose a flexible schedule that involves some working from home, a full-time office is a waste of money. Companies with flexible hours can switch to temporary office space, and let their employees book desks or meeting rooms whenever necessary. A pay-per-use office space also has all the facilities that you will need, and will provide a nice change of scenery for people working from home. 

Here at the Pod Off Graystone we think that everyone deserves the work routine that suits them best. You should be able to work at your most productive hours, and in a productive space. That’s why we think that our pay-per-use offices are the best way forward. To learn more about how PODs can offer the right workspace for you, check out our services at X.