5-minute coffee break activities to get your mind refreshed

Working from online all day can be exhausting – for your mind, body and eyes. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have a comfortable workday. Aside from having a proper desk and chair, you also need to have a set time for work, rest, and play. It’s better to take short breaks, and to not look at a screen when you do. But how? We’ve come up with some activities that you can do that aren’t screen-related. These can add a little bit of fun in between your work day. You don’t need a yoga matt – you can just do these around the office. 

Try to balance on one leg for a few minutes

Maybe don’t do this one right in the middle of the office space. Many ‘work breaks’ suggest doing a bit of yoga, but yoga requires time, commitment and – most importantly – cute leggings. Instead, have a one-legged stretch! It’s good for your muscles, and the balancing part makes it a bit of a challenge. It sounds silly, but sometimes silly is just what you need. 

Draw something with your non-dominant hand

Speaking of silly, it’s time to draw some silly art! You just need a post-it note and a pen. Try to draw something (or someone) in the office using your left hand, and see how it turns out. Using your non-dominant hand forces you to focus more on what you are doing, which helps to train your brain. It also makes you care less about making the end result perfect – you can’t do that anyway!

Make someone a cup of tea or coffee

Aside from resting your eyes, it is also good to get a bit of human contact now and then. Offering your coworker or desk-neighbour a hot beverage lets you get up and move around, and interact with a real person. Doing nice things for other people will also help you feel good about yourself and give you a mood boost for the rest of the day. 

Listen to a short podcast

Whether it’s serial killers or molecular science, there’s a podcast out there for everyone. The trouble is finding one that’s short enough for your coffee break. Luckily Ranker has a list of best podcasts that are under 10 minutes. Why not learn something completely new? You’ll have something interesting to tell your coworkers. 

Make a to-do list (of non-work tasks)

Have you been wanting to read that new book for a while? Or maybe you want to start writing your memoir? Well now isn’t the time to do that, but it is the time to plan it! Planning out some fun after-work activities can give you a little mid-week boost. You’ll look forward to your downtime and get a fun little planning break at work. 

If you’re reading this article during your break, we hope you found it interesting. Now get off the computer and go give your eyes a short rest.