5 Ways To Improve Your Office Working Environment

Have you ever considered how much of your week you spend in the office? Apart from weekends, you spend most of your waking hours during the week doing work. Just like how you try to make your home as comfortable as possible, you may also want to ensure that your office space is pleasant. Improving your office environment might make you enjoy your work more and be more productive. 

Here are 5 ways you can improve your office environment and make your workspace work for you:

Choose comfortable furniture 

Comfortable workspaces are more appealing and promote positivity and productivity. Start with your chair. It’s a good idea to invest in a comfortable office chair that supports your back. An uncomfortable chair can have negative effects on your health and put you in a bad mood in general. You can also look into a standing desk to alleviate the negative impact of sitting all day. Another thing to keep in mind is the height of your chair in relation to your desk. When you’re choosing office furniture, function comes before form. Go for furniture that’s strong and durable enough to withstand the daily wear-and-tear yet comfortable and practical enough to reduce the chances of any health problems that may occur as a result of using non-ergonomic furniture.

Personalise your workstation

If you have a designated desk or workstation, it’s helpful to personalise it to feel more homely (As you spend most of your time at work anyway). If you want to be reminded of what matters most, include pictures of your family, friends and pets on your desk. If you want to go all out, you can also put more personal items like a picture your child drew or a snowglobe from your last vacation on your desk. On the more practical end of the spectrum, keep items and office supplies that make your job easier easily accessible on your desk. Something as simple as adding a calendar and to-do list to your desk will make these items more accessible for when you need them.

Declutter your workspace

You might not even need to buy new equipment, sometimes just cleaning out the clutter on your desk will make the biggest difference. Take an afternoon to clean out the piles of paper and office supplies that you don’t use. Cluttered desks can be distracting and it can be difficult to find the things you need when you need them. An untidy workspace can lead to increased stress, reduced concentration and you can waste your time looking for things. Choose filing and organisational systems that work for you and help you organise your work better.

Liven up your office with plants and flowers

Flowers and plants are also a great way to make your workstation more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. Plants in the office can liven up the room creating a fresher, more vibrant environment. Other benefits of having plants around include the air being cleaner, reduced sickness, decreased stress levels, and enhanced creativity and inspiration. A few simple house plants don’t cost much but make a world of difference.

Make sure your workspace has good lighting

In the physical working environment of the office, lightning has a huge impact on mood. Bad lighting can also have negative effects such as employees straining their eyes, headaches, migraines and even hazards due to the inability to see properly in low lighting. Lack of natural light has serious long-term effects such as lethargy or even leading to depression. If your office has windows, it’s beneficial to keep the curtains or blinds open to let the natural light in. Gloomy spaces don’t do much for our mood and a lack of light can be detrimental to our productivity.

These are just some of the ways to make your office working environment more comfortable and a space that you actually want to spend your time in. If you can make these little changes yourself you’ll experience the benefits everytime you come to the office. POD OFF Grayston offers serviced office spaces and a pleasant work environment that feels homely, yet supports productivity. With a coffee shop onsite, furnished private offices, stylish co-working spaces and boardrooms, the POD offers a working environment that suits every lifestyle. Get in touch by filling a contact form or contacting us on 010 595 1099.